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Calculating air emissions for chemicals and petroleum storage

According to the EPA, TANKS emissions software 4.0.9d is outdated and no longer a reliable source for calculating air emissions. Much of the industry relied on this tool for calculating air emissions for their chemical and petroleum storage sites and no longer have an accurate, reliable way of doing so.

CFR Environmental has created a software solution using AP-42 that calculates air emissions from the storage of bulk organic liquids. The CFR-E software contains hundreds of chemicals and petroleum products, meterological data for any major city in North America, and can calculate VOC emissions for all major types of storage tanks.

​Highlights of our Emissions Calculation Software Capabilities include:​

  • Inventory with hundreds of chemicals and compounds

  • Applicable to any size and dimension VFR, IFR, EFR, DEFR and Horizontal Tanks

  • Calculates VOC Emissions of any size site (unlimited number of tanks)

  • Meterological data for every major city in the United States

  • Simple and easy user experience - get your tank emissions in minutes!

  • Creates a detailed, printable output into Microsoft Excel​

If you have a complicated terminal or need additional capabilities, CFR can help. We've created hundreds of custom workbook solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients. Our team of environmental specialists will create a customized workbook for you and your site that calculates your monthly emissions. We will handle all of the calculation, documentation, and communication with inspectors and agencies. All we need is your state or federal air emissions permit - we will do the rest! CFR already calculates air emissions for hundreds of storage sites and tank farms nationwide, let us make you our next client.

Click here to learn more about the CFR-Emissions software.


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