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Petroleum & Chemical Storage Emissions Software

A software using AP-42 methodology that calculates

air emissions resulting from the storage of organic liquids

CFR-Emissions Software

CFR-Emissions Capabilities:

  • Calculates monthly and annual emissions from storage tanks using AP-42 methods and equations

  • Includes all storage tank types (internal, external and domed external floating roof tanks, fixed-roof tanks, and heated tanks)

  • Includes Meteorological data for 250+ U.S. locations and can be customized to include data for any location worldwide

  • Estimates emissions from floating roof drain-dry and liquid-heel landings

  • Includes all deck fittings and tank modifications found in AP-42; easily compare how emissions will be effected by changes in operation and equipment

  • Reports total VOC emissions and specifies emissions of each HAP

  • Breaks down emissions by source (rim seal, withdrawl, deck fitting, deck seam, landing and filling losses)

  • User friendly - simply enter tank data to generate detailed, thorough reports

  • Compatible with any operating system (unlike TANKS 4.09d*)

  • Exports beautiful, printable reports to Microsoft Excel




CFR-E Demo Video:

Screenshots from CFR-E (click images to enlarge):

*According to the EPA, TANKS emissions software 4.0.9d is outdated and no longer a reliable source for calculating air emissions. Much of the industry relied on this tool for calculating air emissions for their chemical and petroleum storage sites and no longer have an accurate, reliable way of doing so. CFR Environmental has created a software using AP-42 that calculates air emissions from the storage of bulk organic liquids.  

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