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CFR-Emissions: The most affordable, full capability storage tank emissions software on the market

CFR-Emissions is CFR Environmental’s in-house software that puts the power of 20+ years of storage tank emissions experience at any user’s fingertips. The software makes producing accurate, detailed emission reports easy by entering a storage tank’s physical characteristics, location, and operation throughput into a user-friendly input window. The reports are generated to print-friendly Microsoft Excel sheets that can be used for emission inventory reports, annual reports, or simply comparing how different operation, equipment or conditions can affect emissions. Priced at $495.00, CFR-Emissions is the best value for a software that covers all your storage tank emissions reporting needs.

CFR-Emissions Capabilities:

  • Calculates monthly and annual emissions from storage tanks using AP-42 methods and equations

  • Includes all storage tank types (internal, external, and domed external floating roof tanks, fixed-roof tanks, and heated tanks)

  • Includes Meteorological data for 250+ U.S. locations and can be customized to include data for any location worldwide

  • Estimates emissions from floating roof drain-dry and liquid-heel landings

  • Includes all deck fittings and tank modifications found in AP-42; easily compare how emissions will be affected by changes in operation and equipment

  • Reports total VOC emissions and specifies emissions of each HAP

  • Breaks down emissions by source (rim seal, withdrawal, deck fitting, deck seam, landing and filling losses)

  • User friendly - simply enter tank data to generate detailed, thorough reports

  • Compatible with any operating system (unlike TANKS 4.09d)

  • Exports beautiful, printable reports to Microsoft Excel

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