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TANKS 4.09d Emissions Software Issues

TANKS 4.09d
The U.S. EPA standard for calculating liquid storage tank emissions is found in Chapter 7.1 of AP-42. TANKS 4.09d software used the information in AP-42 to create a software consultants and companies used as the industry standard for calculating VOC emissions for years. Recently, TANKS 4.09d has been causing a number of problems for users, including emissions inaccuracy and operating system compatibility.​ TANKS 4.09d is incompatible with Windows operating systems newer than Windows 7, essentially making it obsolete on new machines. Even the EPA has spoken up against the software. According to the EPA, TANKS emissions software 4.0.9d is outdated and no longer a reliable source for calculating air emissions.
CFR Environmental has created a software using Chapter 7.1 of AP-42 that accurately calculates air emissions from the storage of bulk organic liquids. The software is powered by Microsoft VBA, and outputs tank information into detailed, user-friendly Excel pages. If you would like a free trial of the software, head to our Free Trial Page and see if it is right for you.
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